Classic lottery predict software

Lottery System

Why to play lottery games pending of random as you can do it following a more profitable way?

This software analyze and advice to you the future digits that can probably compose the next lottery draw  (classic Lottery only, not valid for Lotto games).

System is valid for lotteries composed from number 1 till number 99999 (or 9999 or 999).

Very easy to use, the first time is needed to enter the previous 20 results from past that this lottery have drawn, or you can begin to enter just the last one and wait about 20 next draws to be able the program begin to compute results. This need is because the software uses a mathematical way based on the previous results.

From this point only you will need is to maintain at correct status the database entering each result (just 2 minutes). After this you can push the button COMPUTE and the program will report inmediatly about the probable digits that can appear in one of the next draws (if the cycle is ready to close).

As you see it is very easy to use, do not take any time and make better the results that you obtain playing at the lottery. This system is valid for any classic lottery  system, for example some countries they use are: Portugal, Chile, Spain (Nacional y Once), Ecuador …  (note: no valid system for Lotto 6/49 or similar)

How to use in normal way:

You must enter in the database the last number appeared, so easy as select from calendar the date and click on the numbers under the calendar to compose the already known number.

After this you can click on button: COMPUTE and the results appear, let us see one example, look the upper picture, on the right there are one list with the probable numbers of the dozen that are ready to appear, one of them are very close in time to appear, may be the next draw,  then one possibility you have is buy  one ticket that end in 24 (look, is one of the list).

Or if you prefer buy for the  probably ending digit, use the yellow background box number (number 6 in the example).

Or you can find for 806 ending 

Or one from the 6 dozen thousand.  

More easy is almost impossible!.


Not all future dates you will compute you will obtain results.

The software use one algorythm that watch over the number that is near to appear because the cycle is near to finish, then in some draws where the cycles are not ready the software may not find and of course not show  any probable result, you will just need to wait one or more dates and the program will begin to give results again.

This software is amortizable in faster way, easy to use and very cheap, only:

19.95 euros / about 24 US$ (download version only)