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AstroLoto the best way to guess lotto winner numbers!

Did you know that when the Moon visits the Capricorn sign the numbers 2,6,28 are the most drawed in all the history of the Spanist lotto 6/49?

How to prevent the next visit of the Moon at Capricorn sign?

That makes AstroLoto for you, controlling all the numbers, all the draws and all the planets.

Astrology & the lotto numbers

Astroloto knows all planetary positions for all drawings (from your database), and also the planet aspects: trine, conjunct,etc.

M.Llop Software’s special functions will help to you to select the ‘hot numbers’ that you can play on next future dates when any planet or the moon visited again the same sign.

You can choose between 6 and 22 numbers, Astroloto can compute reduced games with a large amount of numbers and works with any system of 6/49 balls plus or without the bonus number.

Also you can play with a special unic low cost ticket that content the 48 numbers.

The software scrutinizes your ticket also to search for a prize (of course after you have updated your database).

AstroLoto get installed With the complete Spanish database but you can create your own with your country history and the software will compute the planetary positions for your new database.


System requeriments:

Windows XP, 7, and 10
512 MB ram (mínimum)
50 MB HD space
Printer (optional)