New from July 2020, an extraordinary new system for calculating Lotto-based Lottery bets, the first program that makes it possible to logically aspire to major lottery prizes.

Applicable to any type of lottery in the world with 6 withdrawals (6 columns) and numbers from 1 to 49, or valid for 6/40, 6/41, 6/42, 6/43, 6/44, 6/45, 6/46, 6/47, 6/48 and 6/49


To find out what resolution work in your screen, right-click on the Windows desktop then choose Screen or Screen Resolution (depending on the Windows version).

The main problem with all lottery prediction software is that they are intended and usually perform well when applied to minor prizes, but the first prizes are always unattainable.

There are an explanation for that, all the software use the  existing tools for prediction  exclusively based on statistics, which actually works quite well, but we ran into a problem when trying to predict the first prize. Reason is  that we do not have enough historical data to apply to good statistics for first prices, at most a few thousands of draws as the  Bonoloto game of Spain  that after 32 years the count of records is near to  8000 draws only.

In lottery 6/49 there are 13,983,816 possibilities (possible results) and with only 8,000 we barely covered 0.06% of the total, the sample is completely unfeasible in order to have somewhat reliable results, especially when dealing with a terrain as complex as lottery that are almost pure random.

But in our mind there was an obsession supported by intuition that told us that we had to find a system that would facilitate this path and I am sure we have found it. That’s where our new software comes in.

Baby Million Lotto

It is more than a simple program, it is a strategy to be used in combination with the software and bassed on the  principle of necessity of numbers.

And what is the principle of necessity of numbers? An example will clarifie it, take a coin, throw it several times so that it falls heads or tails. Wait for 10 heads or 10 crosses fall one after other, when this happens you are capable to predict with almost certainty that the next time the coin will fall in the opposite sign to the one that has been going out, and this is true 90% of the time.

By linking the principle of necessity of some numbers to an exhaustive control of the best and worst numbers,  and linking all that to a suitable strategy you are on the way to being able, in a relatively but acceptable space of time, to obtain important prizes.

Do not panic, it seems complicated, but it is not at all, our program could be used by a 6-year-old boy. This mean it is to ease to understand. In only 15 minutes and a few clicks the new user is already capable to create a suitable combination for to betting on the Lotto games, adjusted at the cost you choose, as economical as you need it to be.

The program can use two databases by default, when installed it already includes the one from Primitiva from Spain. 

The program allow to create databases for other countries, therefore you can replace the one included by default with the one you have created. The minimum necessary history that a database must include to be able to start using the program is 100 draws, although the effective results will not be as precise as exceeding 500 draws. The program also incorporates the possibility of importing data from a .txt file

Look at the image above this page. It is the left half of the program’s work window, while the image touching this paragraph is the right half of it. In other words, all the elements and functions that can be used and needed by the program are visible in a window that occupies the entirety of your desktop.

The images show 6 grids containing cells with numbers, each grid corresponds to one of the columns of the Lotto. They show the numbers that can participate in this column exclusively and some data that makes it easier for you to select, you only have to make a few clicks in the grids and the numbers are chosen to combine, which when doing so, the result is shown in the list with a blue background on the right, and from which, through exclusive methods, the program chooses those that are most likely due to the need for numbers and groups, and that may include the prizes to which you aspire.

Depending of the investment level you usually make, the program will show you the bets that you should use in the yellow list.

But remember that fewer bets will also take longer to achieve your goal. We invite you to watch our video on Youtube and you will quickly see how easy it is to use.

Price of the software:

59 Eur (around 71 US$)


Baby Million Lotto can work with any lottery system that uses  6 lottery colums per draw, applicable therefore to 6/40, 6/41, 6/42, 6/43, 6/44, 6/45, 6/46, 6/47, 6/48 and 6/49

Other types of lottery:
If you have a different type of lottery in your locality, our technical service can adapt the program to your lottery (column and number model) used in your locality, this would imply a surcharge in the price for the adaptation of the system, please contact our customer service to see the possibility, term and cost, you can do it through this link

Compatible with all Windows systems