Happiness, Love, Success & Money

Hipnos Way System is a potential program designed to achieve what you wish.

We are sure that you have sometimes wondered why few people are so successful in their lives, since they achieve everything they are determined to or need, while many other people constantly suffer from ups and downs, from being unlucky, continuous suffering, the lack of what a being should fairly have (apparently) at least.

The answer to that question is very simple. The universe has been created according to fixed rules that work, resorting to our slang, in an automatic way.

The “Justice”, just the human consider it, is just a symbol completely unknown to the universe, or what it is the same, we can not understand how the universe “think”.

Many philosophers, writers, intellectuals, scientists, hermeticists and many others have tried to reveal the mystery that causes that lack of logic in how the universe seems to be working, every one has explained it in their own way, religious ones, hermetists from other line, scientists from a different manner, all of them asserting to be right and refusing the other group’s principles.

The paradoxical side of the matter is that all of them are somehow right, although their explanations may harbour certain dark aspects, which cloud the complete acceptance of their principles.

But, it should not be forgotten that every thinking or working group works with human logic, a thinking logic which they are convinced it is the only one, and it is precisely at this point where the mistake lies in. Many other thinking ways with different logic exist for sure.

But it has been said that all of them are somehow right.

Certainly, it seems so. Because there is something common in which they fully agree: all of them use the imagination.

And here we reach our software. We have created a new tool that emphasizes the use of imagination.

It is a non-professional program, not for helping others but for helping you, targeted to anyone that really wishes to improve their labour, status, health, spiritual, fulfilment situation and so on.

Our program uses the principle of imagination that all of us with no exceptions have, and using some simple rules of usage into practice may readdress aiming to achieve what we yearn for.

Hipnos Way System will help you make your dream come true, find love, heal your diseases, improve your working conditions, or just find a job if you still don’t have one, fulfil your inner spirit, take the trip you have always dreamt of, improve your business significantly and so on. In other words, anything you wish that is imaginably possible.

In this software on use different principles, some of them psychological, others traditional or scientific have been gathered in order to find suitable starting dates (there are indeed), optimize working cycles depending on the opposite strength and use the image and the emotions to deeply look into a being’s subconscious so your imagination can clearly accept as possible.

Price    33 Euros / 38 US$ appr.
(UE: VAT not included)
(download only version)


Minimum requirements:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
512 MB Ram
60 MB HD
Sound (optional)