Distant Reiki healing software

Reiki Help System

This software is an important help tool for the therapist that uses Reiki energy for healing your clients.

The program serve principaly to the users that send ‘Reiki’ to long distance clients, because it counts and control the times you sent the healing, the exactly point of the body to send the treatment, help visualizing the photo of the client while sending, and make control of dates of the treatment.

The user only must choose from database list the record of his/her client, visualize, ‘lying on hand’ in front of the photo of the client and ‘take in mind’ the same idea or image he/her do in real client sessions on the office (look the left example graphic to treat someone for shoulder’s pain)

In addition the software can ‘send’ itself the radionic wave of the Reiki energy to the client, to obtain an increment of the result of treatment (to make this the software need to know the radionic number of Reiki therapist, the software already include a procedure to obtain this value through the web cam).

Once the session is made, the client database record get updated with number of sessions made and also with the last date. While the software was created for long distance session, it could be used too for classic therapist, to take control of all sessions made in your phisic pressence, and of course have their medical history saved.

The setup will install several body part graphics to help the therapisht to point the sending energy.

(This software have interface in: English / Spanish / Italiano)

Minimum  system requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
40 MB hard disc space
512 MB Ram
Web cam (optional)