Radionics waves program

Radionic Soft System

Since 2000 our effort has been the creation and improvement of the RADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM, one software for the therapist using radionics fields to help other people.

Our interest is always to facilitate the maximum needs of the professional who dedicates his life to regenerate the health of those around him, and one of the slopes of recent years is through the plane of healing waves (radionics), therefore We continue in the effort to improve our programs and have created the 6th. version of the software as a tool that facilitates the use of this classic healing system and fully of new advanced functions.

RADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM v6 contains both the diagnostic system (location of the necessary radionic number) and the wave emission system. It can also magnetize products (irradiate on water for example).

A complete diagnostic system will allow you to choose what type of session and wave to use. The program itself can replace the functions of the pendulum for an ingenious system that detects, through the therapist’s sensations, some parameters that it will convert into the necessary radionic number.

Another way to obtain the radionic number: a long list of symptoms allows you to choose those that your client suffers, each one of them has an associated radionic curative number. Once all the symptoms (physical or psychic) ​​are detected, the program will summarize them into a single one, which is the wave form to broadcast.

Or independently you can send known radionics fixed values, from a serie of databases included in the program and where you will find the pereviously calculated vibrations of gems, homeopathy, aromatherapy, essences of Dr. Bach, herbalism, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, california essences, minerals and trace elements. Of course you can add or modify the database.

It can use also the chromotherapy way, locate which chakra is blocked on the body, or use the Reiki energy converted in radionics to send the waves.

Broadcastimng the waves:

1) Variable wave system: very effective because it avoids the rejection of the subject.

2) Fixed waves, the classic system for sending known waves, somewhat slower but very effective.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP,Vista,Windows7, 8.1 or 10

500 Mb. free HD

512 MB RAM
Minimum screen resolution: 1024×768


Printer (optional)

Sound card

Twain scanner (optional)

Camm (optional)