hide important data

invisible text viewer

Are you using a computer with public access?

Does your wife, sun, daughther, father, mother, friend, partner etc have access to your computer?

Would you want some of your data would be private, for example some phone numbers, codes, a special letter, dates, etc?

If your answer is yes our program offer you the solution. Your special data will be just invisible for anyone that navigate through your folders or files.

No hidden files, not special encrypted program that indicate something is hidden, your special data will be saved inside any photo or image you have, this just not call the attention of anyone. If one person open the image or the photo with any viewer just they see the picture, nothing more.

Also if they open the image or photo with our viewer only the image can be visualized too.

Only you with your secret code and secret access to the special options of the program can recover and save the information mixed between some pixels of the image. 

yes, this picture you are watching now is only what anyone can see if  this person open one image with our program.

But there, between the pixels of this image there are just some pages of word information.

The software get installed in your computer not showing the real name of the program to avoid anyone can search by google which program it is, no any reference into the software or folder that give any hint abut the real use of the program, also not instructions on the folder, the ease use handbook of the program you must only access from our web site through one link in a hidden window.

Now you can have already hidden data in an oppen access computer.

The software can manage and save till 89991 characters (divided in 9 cells of 9999 characters each, 10000 characters are equivalent to about 4 full pages of Word at full text font 10 )

Note: As caution we have not demo of this product, this make more privacity to users of real product.

Minimum requeriments:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 y 8.
Minimum hard disk space